You want to do more than get people’s attention; you want to stay in their heads afterwards.

Stories are a route to being remembered. The publishing industry makes billions, and the film and television industry makes billions more, telling us stories. Science has shown that our brains are wired for stories, that we remember stories better than other information, and that we have deep emotional reactions to stories.

You can harness that power for your business. From your company history to case studies to even instructions, all of these can be done with a narrative that compels and connects. You can hold a prospect’s attention for longer and make a deeper impression on them. When people are invested in the story of your brand, they’re much less likely to wander to a competitor. And when you have a story worth sharing, word of mouth is almost automatic.

My name is Sheila O’Shea and I’m an Atlanta-based freelance writer and storyteller. Contact me and let’s see what story we can tell together.