My name is Sheila O’Shea. I’ll help you tell your story.

I am one of the first graduates of the Creative Writing program at Emory University. Since then, I’ve written novels (many of them drafted within thirty days), novellas, novelettes (yes, that’s a thing), as well as short stories that ranged from thousands of words to merely one hundred. I co-wrote plays that were performed within twenty-four hours of being completed. I told stories on summer nights in Grant Park. I recited my poetry in front of a Basquiat painting at the invitation of the High Museum of Art.

In my work life, I discovered that storytelling was still essential to what I did. As a technical writer, I came up with the idea of a fictional record company to use to illustrate the features of the software. As an immigration paralegal, I often crafted narratives around the reasons someone needed to come into this country. And as a legal marketing writer, I told the tales of specific lawsuits and why they mattered.

I’ve learned that storytelling can be used for more than mere entertainment—it can be used to convey information memorably, to evoke emotional reactions, and to inspire loyalty to a brand. When you’re ready to use that power for your business, contact me and let’s talk.