Writing Examples

A-Z Organizers: Webpage for professional organizers specializing in small businesses.

Atlanta Media Transfer: Postcard campaign for media archive company.

The Healing Touch: Brochure for a new age Reiki/massage spa.

What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit and How Does it Work?: Blog post for a law firm specializing in qui tam lawsuits.

Published Blog Posts

For Skyland Trail:

Resolve to Make Better New Year Resolutions: Ideas for more effective ways to make New Year’s resolutions.

Three Ways to Express Self-Love on Valentine’s Day: Methods for expressing love for oneself, on Valentine’s Day or any other time.

Practicing Mindfulness Through The Senses: Method for attaining mindfulness through focusing on the individual senses.

One Way To Stay Productive While Managing Mental Illness: Using the “Just One More Tap” strategy to get through overwhelming tasks.

Setting Up a Bedtime Routine: Tips for establishing a routine before bed, to help assure sounder sleep.

How to Make a To-Do List Work for Handling Mental Illness: Techniques for writing and using to-do lists to clarify and achieve goals.

For The Ability Toolbox:

How Setting Mental Health Boundaries Can Help You Find Balance in Life: Article on how and why to set interpersonal boundaries for better mental health.

How to Stop Ruminating and Free Yourself From Repetitive Thoughts: Three things to say to yourself to stop ruminating on negative thoughts.